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Nusquam is Mariangela Ciccarello and Philip Cartelli, who have been working together since 2014.


Their work explores interstices between layers of history, ideology, and migration. Sensitive to a shifting world, they draw attention to the discrepancy between how things are and how they wish they would become. In depicting possibilities they consistently return to an intentional framework, wherein they organize subjects in relation to one another across time and space, in contrast to real-world limitations that would otherwise prevent such proximity.


Formally their moving image work mixes small gauge film with digital video, blurs the conscious and unconscious and the historical with the contemporary. In a similar way, while much of their work has a basis in past or present realities, they frequently introduce fictional and performative elements, disturbing the documentary impulse that can close off potential paths of invention (or reinvention).


As part of this open-ended emphasis, they frequently work with others, and collaboration is central to their process and practice.

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