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HD video and Super 8mm film

Color and Black & White 
Neapolitan, Italian

47 minutes 


Angela and Paola are preparing a play loosely based on The Odyssey. Angela assumes the role of Ulysses and Paola that of his lover who has summoned him from the dead for a final meeting. When the play intersects with the young women’s lives a rupture occurs. Transported, they reinvent themselves through new identities and the open space of the rehearsal stage. Calypso navigates between individual desire and collective unconscious, reclaiming mythology from its normative foundations.


Torino Film Festival

Ischia Film Festival, Italy

Salina Doc Fest, Italy

Rockaway Film Festival, US

Cinema Flux, Palazzo Grassi - Venice, Italy

Written, filmed and edited by Mariangela Ciccarello

Produced by Philip Cartelli 

With: Angela Dionisia Severino, Paola Maria Cacace

& Eleonora Lollo

Sound Design and Mix: Maile Costa Colbert

Screenplay: Mariangela Ciccarello & Philip Cartelli

Theater Script: Mariangela Ciccarello & Thomas Tzalapatis

This project has been part of Feature Expanded – European Art Film Strategies (Schermo dell'Arte, Firenze/HOME, Manchester).

This project is made possible, in part, with funds from the Media Arts Assistance Fund, a regrant partnership of the New York State Council on the Arts Electronic Media and Film Program and Wave Farm. 

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